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Sony unveils paper-thin OLED screen that rolls up while still playing video

from PopSci: ⇦ Video at source

The 80-microns-thick (that’s 80 millionths of a meter, or about as thick as a human hair) full-color display can be rolled up and unfurled repeatedly without degrading picture quality.

It was made possible by a breakthrough in OLED tech, in which Sony researchers created organic thin-film transistors with 8 times the performance of conventional OTFTs.

OLED wallpaper coming in 2012

from DVICE:

OLED lighting is tremendously efficient, 2.5 times more so than energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs. That means a wallpaper panel like this can operate at an astonishing 150 lumens per watt, requiring just 3 to 5 Volts to power the OLED film that can function as anything from light-emitting wallpaper to a road sign.

This is all made possible by a breakthrough from British company called LOMOX, saying it’s solved the main drawback of OLED lighting up until now: longevity. The company claims its OLED lighting will last longer than a compact fluorescent bulb. Better yet, it emits more lifelike light. The future looks bright.

Video: Concept laptop rolls up for transport

from Singularity Hub:

Evgeny Orkin’s thesis project, called RollTop, is a concept video of a laptop that rolls into a tube to take with you on the go.

Coming soon: Glowing walls made from graphene

from DVICE:

Scientists in Sweden and the USA say they have developed lighting panels using the wonder material graphene, which one day could make the basic lamp redundant.

The material can be fashioned into large energy efficient flexible sheets called LECs (light emitting electromechanical cells) that can cover an entire wall or ceiling, filling the room with an adjustable and even source of light.

We’ve seen how OLED technology promises a similar approach to lighting, but the scientists say the graphene panels are much cheaper to produce, and don’t contain the metal alloy indium tin oxide that makes OLED panels tricky to recycle.

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Wallpaper doubles as flexible television

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from theage.au:

Japanese scientists are developing a wallpaper that can be turned into a television screen, with the help of nanotechnology.

The living room of the future could be coated in the revolutionary wallpaper, thanks to the efforts of researchers at Toshiba. As well as being able to turn entire walls into a screen, the flexible paper can be adjusted to show images that fit the home owner’s mood.

The breakthrough in wall coverings is the result of improvements in organic electroluminescence (OLED) screen technology that enables the paper to emit light.

“OLED is anticipated to become an important light-emitting device for the next generation,” Toshiba said.

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