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Say goodbye to wires in the House of the Future with ‘microrings’

from Perdue Newsroom:

Purdue University researchers have developed a miniature device capable of converting ultrafast laser pulses into bursts of radio-frequency signals, a step toward making wires obsolete for communications in the homes and offices of the future.

Such an advance could enable all communications, from high-definition television broadcasts to secure computer connections, to be transmitted from a single base station.

MIT: Top 10 technology research to watch

from M.I.T.’s Technology Review:

  • Printcasting
  • Ushahidi Engine
  • Digital Preservation Europe
  • Peer-to-Peer Video Broadcast System
  • Google Listen
  • SixthSense
  • TV Everywhere
  • 4G Cellular Network
  • High-Performance Video Coding
  • Advertising Works

Wallpaper doubles as flexible television

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from theage.au:

Japanese scientists are developing a wallpaper that can be turned into a television screen, with the help of nanotechnology.

The living room of the future could be coated in the revolutionary wallpaper, thanks to the efforts of researchers at Toshiba. As well as being able to turn entire walls into a screen, the flexible paper can be adjusted to show images that fit the home owner’s mood.

The breakthrough in wall coverings is the result of improvements in organic electroluminescence (OLED) screen technology that enables the paper to emit light.

“OLED is anticipated to become an important light-emitting device for the next generation,” Toshiba said.

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