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Turbine light illuminates highways with wind

from inhabitat:

TAK’s wind-powered light uses the moving air from cars zipping by on the highway to generate energy that can be used to power roadside lighting.

As more and more people across the world adopt cars as their primary mode of transportation, well-lit highways become increasingly important. But how can we sustainably power all those energy-sucking lights?

TAK Studio addressed that question in their entry into this year’s Greener Gadgets competition to find the green technology solution of the future.

Coming soon: Glowing walls made from graphene

from DVICE:

Scientists in Sweden and the USA say they have developed lighting panels using the wonder material graphene, which one day could make the basic lamp redundant.

The material can be fashioned into large energy efficient flexible sheets called LECs (light emitting electromechanical cells) that can cover an entire wall or ceiling, filling the room with an adjustable and even source of light.

We’ve seen how OLED technology promises a similar approach to lighting, but the scientists say the graphene panels are much cheaper to produce, and don’t contain the metal alloy indium tin oxide that makes OLED panels tricky to recycle.

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