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Swarm of micro-helicopters could create a giant 3D display

from WIRED:

Mechanical fireflies could help create a new kind of 3-D display, say researchers at MIT

“Each of the helicopters then acts as what we call a smart pixel,” E Roon Kang, the MIT research fellow who is leading the project, told Wired.com. “By controlling their movement, we can have the pixels flying through the air.

Dwarf helicopters, smart subs and mining robots to automate Australia


Durrant-Whyte, research director at the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Autonomous Systems (CAS), has designed robots for industries including mining, sea exploration and agriculture that can outperform human ability in a variety of specialised skills.

For instance, some farmers are using his unmanned dwarf helicopter to automatically seek and destroy two plant species over a 500km area, eliminating the need to carpet-bomb crops with dangerous pesticides. The farmers may also soon be able to send out unmanned prime movers to sow fields.

First arrest via drone (video)

UPDATE: Merseyside force did not have permission

from Tomorrow’s Trends:

[…] Using the device’s on-board camera and thermal-imaging technology, the operator was able to pick up the suspect through his body heat and direct foot patrols to his location.

The “flying cars” of tomorrow (vids)

from h+ Magazine:

“Flying cars” may not look much like George Jetson’s bubble-topped hovering aerocar just yet, but the Transition, the A5, and the Puffin all involve concepts that will likely be incorporated into the design of the flying cars of tomorrow.

“You would have crashed your stupid flying car anyway”

From Three Panel Soul:

NASA announces designs for personal flying suit

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