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Researchers analyze performance of first updatable holographic 3D display


In 2008, researchers from the University of Arizona created a holographic 3D display that could write and erase images, making it the first updatable (or rewritable) holographic 3D display ever demonstrated.

Now, in a follow-up study, the researchers have reported the results of their analysis on the performance of the display, including how the polymer enables display enhancements and what more needs to be done before such displays can be widely used.


Company offering 3D holographic projections

http://arena3d.com/ (Flash site)

Concept 2020: Holographic phone with levitating mouse ball

from Trendhunter (via Emergent Futures)

The Black Hole mobile concept design was made for Apple and predicted for 2020:

The holographic phone has a central mouse ball that levitates and allows the user to control all the phone functions and applications in mid-air.

By just opening the palm of your hand, the central ball rises into the air and opens up the phone’s applications.

Video: Holographic laser projector turns any flat surface into a touchscreen

Innovision’s Plug & Play ‘Holographic’ Projector (vid)

from Singularity Hub:

We may not have true holographic displays for several years yet, but in the meantime, there are plenty of people willing to provide us with something that looks pretty darn close. The latest of these is Innovision Labs out of Taiwan, which has started to sell its Holo AD, a 3D display case that is (nearly) plug and play.

Touchable holography (video)

from BoingBoing:

Professor Hiroyuki Shinoda and his colleagues at Tokyo University are making headway in haptic holography, 3D projections you can actually feel.

By using ultrasonic waves, the scientists have developed software that creates pressure when a user’s hand “touches” a hologram that is projected.