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NTU launches one of the world’s greenest supercomputers

from Nanyang Technological University:

The HPC Centre, which is based on the first IBM System x iDataplex cluster in ASEAN and powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series, reduces electricity consumption as it can automatically adjust to specified energy usage levels and specified transaction speeds.

“Solar Ivy”: Solar panels that mimic ivy

from S.M.I.T. (Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology)

“Solar Ivy” is a customizable system for sustainable energy generation that mimics the form of ivy and its relationship with the environment.

Flexible photovoltaic “leaves” shift in the wind while converting solar energy into electricity, and shade the building from heat gained through out the day.

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Turbine light illuminates highways with wind

from inhabitat:

TAK’s wind-powered light uses the moving air from cars zipping by on the highway to generate energy that can be used to power roadside lighting.

As more and more people across the world adopt cars as their primary mode of transportation, well-lit highways become increasingly important. But how can we sustainably power all those energy-sucking lights?

TAK Studio addressed that question in their entry into this year’s Greener Gadgets competition to find the green technology solution of the future.