Goodbye cables, hello energy beams

from New Scientist:

The last few years have seen promising demonstrations of cellphones, laptops and TVs being powered wirelessly. Are we on our way to waving goodbye to wires once and for all?

[…] Enter Karalis and his colleagues. It has long been known that such mechanical energy transfer is improved enormously if two objects resonate at the same frequency – it’s how an opera singer can smash a glass if she hits the right pitch. Karalis wondered whether the same idea could improve the efficiency of magnetic induction at greater distances.


3 responses to “Goodbye cables, hello energy beams

  1. Saw this on a Google Buzz post. Thanks for posting it here too. Fascinating article!

  2. Thanks Todd. This came out a week or two ago – I figured I’d post a couple of ‘not-so-new’ pieces on Buzz, in case they might have been missed.


  3. Truly fascinating stuff! Makes sense to … what a wonderful time in which we live! Looking forward to the future of this and so many technologies.

    Thanks for the post!


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