CubeSpawn: Open source personal factories


CubeSpawn consists of small Personal Factories which will, at first, make their own parts, and later make as many different things as are added to the parts library.

A “Cube” form factor makes all the machines standard, so that they can be linked together to form assembly lines, in addition, each machine has a pallet mover in the base to transport workpieces between cubes.

Plans for the first machine are expected to be published around mid-march of 2010. The plans will be freely distributed, kits will be available shortly after, for those who do not have the time, or tools to build one from scratch.


One response to “CubeSpawn: Open source personal factories

  1. A year later I’m about where I’d hoped to be a year ago 😉 didn’t get any funding – but I built it anyway – mere weeks or a month from an operating machine – its not a fast mover, this project, but it sure has shiny parts!!

    Motion Module Pix
    Part Prints

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